How we do it

We craft.

We write, design, research and generate content, direct interactions, strategy, and outreach to grow your brand authentically with engagement that will build your impact.


We build.

Our recent engagement event yielded 10K impressions on Twitter and generated over new 70 content posts that will continue to deliver after this event. We believe the this went beyond the event, with the new community relationships that were generated as a result of this event.

We connect.

For a recent client, we cultivated an exclusive relationship with a Brava Women to Watch awardee, a multi-media artist that will be headlining their next annual dinner.

Wisconsin Mujer’s mission is to connect people. We only use the best methods. With authentic storytelling, engagement, and event planning, we help strategize your outreach and engagement strategy.

We collaborate.

Recently, we used our decretion to build an agency new relationships for their annual event. We recommended vetted storytellers and coordinated the headliners for their event. Relationships need to be part of your movement, business, or agency.

We train.

We help Wisconsin businesses reach multicultural audiences by using authentic messaging. We train top executives to value social media multicultural influencers and create trust in new demographical audiences.