Why do non-profits and small business need social media/outreach packages?

There are so many reasons but my top reasons for business who contract me are because they are not getting the attention they want for events. They are too busy with office or management that they don’t have the time to keep the event fresh on their social media outreach or via their newsletter.

It’s not enough to put out an event on Facebook.

Here are the other key things people get when they are able to keep their social media output fresh.

  • Find new donors/new customers
  • Spread the word about your services
  • Brand recognition & Trust
  • Advertise your services
  • Create a community and loyal following
  • It’s good for SEO

How do we people in the door?

Please see our packages for more information.

Most social media marketing packages have the following elements

Content only – posted X times/month, week, day.

Content is photos, ad’s, information on an event, or articles. Content needs to follow the brand’s taste. I would suggest in writing out a content mission or statement so that your contracted social media agency knows the parameters of what type of information you want to be posted on your social media accounts. I would also, provide them with a couple of articles that reflect the voice of your brand or agency.


Direct interaction with your followers – X times/month, week, day.

This could be a reply to your followers or highlighting them for your follower campaign. Here again, you will want to define exactly what this means to you. I typically will screenshot a contact or message to make sure it is documented.


Outreach to attract new followers, media attention, potential partners – X times/month, week, day.

This is a broad term and could mean just expanding the content that you post or it could mean adding links to other groups or brands that you work with. This is part of the strategy, and really can not be done without a plan. If you are a coworking business you will want to publish events that your tenants will want to know, even if they are not held in your space. This will grow your brand to be a leader in the small business arena.

Strategy – with monthly/weekly reports, research on analytics, tweaking and adjusting to improve engagement.

Adjustments need to be always done.  By contracting with a small social media company this will ensure that your company will get individualized attention.

Wisconsin Mujer is a social media boutique we take the high end of Content, Direct interaction, Strategy, and Outreach to grow your brand authentically. As a Social Media Boutique, we allow you to pick what specialty services you need for your social media campaign. We are a bilingual marketing company that has deep multicultural roots here in Wisconsin.
We fold into your existing campaign and team easily. Our work is authentic and strives to build meaningful connections with you and your audiences.
Wisconsin Mujer works numerous non-profit agencies and small business interested in increasing their community engagement by using Twitter, Instagram and FB live events.
Email us at aesparza608@gmail.com for a free 30-minute consultation.