Updates, TalkBacks, and Virtual Art!

We have lots of things going on! I typically don’t write many blog posts but I think this is a good one to write.

First check-in: My sister MaDee Lopez (former 91.3 Jamz Producer) is partnering with me this semester!

Second: We are producing our fifth #LatinxTalkBack series! Go to our social and find out more!


Third announcement:

Wisconsin Mujer presents Tierra, Arte y Cultura en Wisconsin: A virtual Latino Art Showcase

Latino artists come together to present a two day virtual celebration of the arts! We hope to awaken your creative self through music, art, dancing, poetry and cooking. Tune in to our virtual showcase starting on Saturday, Oct. 10th – Sunday Oct. 11th.

“I believe that creative expression empowers people and it can make a powerful contribution in their healing process.” says Veronica Figueroa, Muralist and DAMA Executive Director.

With great pride, Wisconsin Mujer, a multimedia social engagement company, brings you another exclusive curated event with sections for kids, adults, Spanish speakers, and cooking enthusiasts. 

In the diaspora of so many titles, there is one label that unites us: Artist! Viva El Arte! Vivan los/las Artistas! We bring you these twenty Latinx, Latino/a, Chicana/o, Hispanic, Centro American, Caribbean, and South American Artists. 

Evelyn Galindo (Painter/pintor), Angelica Contreras (Painter), Richie Morales (Muralist and painter), Rodrigio Carpia (Painter, muralist, and creator), Shadyra Kilfoy Flores (Muralist), Veronica Figueroa (Graphic designer, fine artist and muralist), Araceli Contreras (Visual artist digital/artista digital), Jessica Pankratz (Painter/pintora), Araceli Esparza (poet), Angie Trudell Vasquez (poet/poeta), Sirena Flores (Muralist and Activist and Influencer), Maria Amalia Wood (Visual and Textile artist), Estrella B. Chavez Galvan (Latina Cook, Cocinera Latina), Sujhey Beisser, (Personal Chef, Cocinera), Yosli (Illustrator, ilustradora), Ballet Folklorico de Maria Diaz, Golpe Tierra (Musical band), Natalia Hilder (Dancer), Francis Medrano (Dancer),  Angela Puerta (Musician, singer), and Julieta Alvarez (Photographer).

Our company is dedicated to curating ideas and conversation. We cultivate actions by highlighting the needs of our community by encouraging people to donate to three grassroots agencies, and by connecting hearts through our virtual live events that are broadcasted on YouTube and Wisconsin Mujer’s FaceBook.

Go check out the fun! http://bit.ly/TierraArteYCulturaEnWisconsin

Go to our social to watch the action!