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Wisconsin Mujer is a Strategic Marketing, Outreach, and Engagement consulting agency we craft exclusive connections.

Araceli Esparza, the founder of Wisconsin Mujer, has executed many annual events, and lead volunteer teams for over ten years. She is equally fluent in English and Spanish and has expert knowledge in storytelling, audience engagement and event planning. 

Move over executive sounding third person—> Who is she really? Who is Araceli (R-Ra-Celi), Esparza?

 My superpowers

  • Relationships, I assist with building donor relationships, selling tickets, advertising, registration, donor recognition, and outreach strategies, I sold over 250 tickets for a recent Annual Dinner. Yep Monona Terrace I got you!
  • Social Media Manager, I slay Facebook live events, content curation, Twitter, and Instagram, on a daily basis. I maintain content calendars, monitor comments, and trends that engage people.
  • Connector, I was able to reach over 80 participants for a recent volunteer match to local boards event for Non-profit Draft Day. That was fun!
  • Counsel, I advise on best approaches to reach over a hundred views per social media post. That was in a recent Twitter chat convo! Twitter is my friend.
  • Bridge Person, I connect my clients with future sponsors while leveraging their current events, I have generated sponsorships from $3,000-7,000 for annual dinners and complied sponsorship packages. I know people. 
  • Representative, I am well connected in many communities and many people trust me as a community stakeholder. With integrity I have assisted the City of Madison with recruitment for employees, I have been influential in YWCA’s outreach and in the annual Community Shares Big Shares Campaign for generating new business partners. Believe it or not people like my ideas!
  • Goals, I surpass monthly goals by generating new clients through my networks and authentic relationship building by leveraging lead generation systems like LinkedIn and Alignable. 
  • Excellent communicator, I build a quick reputation with clients, I am called repeatedly for long-term work. People like my work.
  • Collaborator, I developed culturally specific programs, AVID, Madison Public Libraries, and volunteer at various high schools where I mentor students on social-emotional learning.
  • Strong interpersonal skills, I follow through on learning objectives with fellow teachers.

“At the core of who and what I do is providing excellent customer service.”

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