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We are Wisconsin Mujer, a multimedia social engagement company.

Connecting Hearts

We help companies and nonprofits build bridges with donors and audiences to create authentic connections that have a positive impact. Curating ideas, Cultivating actions, and Connecting hearts.

Araceli Esparza, the founder of Wisconsin Mujer, has executed many annual events, and lead strategic outreach teams for over ten years in the nonprofit and government sectors.

We have a team of photographers, videographers, and digital designers that will help you grow to build reciprocal partnerships. We want to help you build partnerships that go beyond the money! That will make a positive impact in the community!

Move over executive sounding third person—> Who is she really? Who is Araceli (AH-ruh-SE-Lee), Esparza (S-PARR-zuh)?

 My superpowers

  • Speaker, I give talks on cultivating positive long-lasting donor relationships that go beyond money. I host breakout sessions on how to provide culturally relevant material for children. I engage with other creators, business owners and challenge them in writing their own mission and vision statements for life and work.
  • Relationship builder, I assist with building donor relationships, selling tickets, advertising, registration, donor recognition, and outreach strategies, I sold over 250 tickets for a recent Annual Dinner. Yep, annual fundraiser events, I got you!
  • Social Media Manager, I slay Facebook live events, content curation, email campaigns, and Instagram, on a daily basis. I maintain content calendars, monitor comments, and trends that engage people.
  • Counsel, I advise on best approaches to creating long lasting partnership for corporations or giving advisory groups to give to new initiatives or nonprofits. I work with Marketing and Leadership teams.
  • Collaborator, I developed culturally specific programs, in collaboration with Madison College, University of Wisconsin, PBS Education, YWCA, Edgewood College, Madison Public Libraries, and several other organizations.
  • Strong interpersonal skills, I follow through on learning objectives with fellow teachers.

“At the core of who and what I do is providing excellent customer service.”

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